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Friday, November 5, 2010

Brrrrrr... Good Morning to Everyone!  Looks like winter has arrived!  Had to turn on the electric blanket this morning!!  These old bones can't take much of the cold...
We had a wonderful time last night. Friends at my husband's workplace threw him a retirement party... it was great fun and we got big laughs from a few gag gifts he was given. At his work all the " management " wears 'white hats' and for a gag gift they gave me my own white hat to wear when he retires..!! lol... it had my name and " Domestic Engineer"  across the front and on the side it had " Boss of George Smith"....  I got the biggest laugh when I immediately put it on!!!  The hubby got a great gift of a double gun case with two guns!!  He is a hunter so this really impressed him! All in all it was a good time..  I got to meet some of the people he has worked with for the past 36 years... It was good to put faces to names I had heard over the years..
Y'all have a blessed day!!
"Til later........."


  1. Happy Retirement to your husband--quite an achievement!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  2. Hi Nyoka.
    You won my Valentine's Day gift tag give away.
    Please email me your mailing address.